The formation of Clwyd Football League

The Clwyd Football League was formed in 1973, when two local area Leagues, the Dyserth, and the Halkyn Mountain Leagues amalgamated.

The League consisted of Five Divisions, Premier, First, Second, and Third, with the Fourth Division mainly consisting of Youth teams. Read More

Why it was created

When you take the time to analyze all the different football leagues that you find in the United Kingdom, there is a fascinating disconnect when you compare certain countries to others and how their respective leagues are run. Of course, football fans are quite aware that the English Premier League is very likely the most popular football league in the world at the moment and it is one where that gathers a lot of attention, whether… Read More

How it was organized

English football, especially when we talk about their first tier league, which was first known as the First Division and now as the Premier League since its rebranding back in 1992, has often being portrayed as the face of the sport in the entirety of the United Kingdom and that has played a big role in how the other leagues in the islands are often viewed as. Like it or not, that is often how things are developed. Read more

Interesting facts

There are many different and interesting facts about the Clwyd Football League and here you have the ones that we have viewed as the most important ones: Read more


The Clwyd Football league underwent various changes in its organization during its existence (1974 – 2009), with modifications in the structure of the divisions that made up the league, the level they represented within the Welsh football system, the teams that made it up and even the category of the participating club. Read more


Welsh football, unlike its older brothers England and Scotland, has a considerably less developed football structure despite having a relatively similar degree of passion and culture when it comes to the beautiful game.

This is part of the reason why their football has not reached the levels of English football or even the one in Scotland, as it has been the case with the likes of Gareth Bale, Ryan Giggs, Mark Hughes, Aaron Ramsey or Daniel James. Read more